October 17, 2015

"Contraste" - Group exhibition of paintings


“Contraste” is an exhibition by three artists working in different forms and has their own way of expressing their thoughts. These works are exploration and abstracts of surroundings in artiste’s own visual language. Mr. Christophe’s works are his experiences he had in India, transforming visuals into tranquil and subtle forms with amalgamation of abstract and figura-tive. Harshit’s works gives a new perspective of observation and absorption through eyes, as forms are drawn in his own imagery of sublime but also with emotions under the several lay-ers of paint. Speaking of Pratik, he works in blend of figures in semi abstract forms, his painting are drawn from daily incidents happening in city, painting forms through imagining reality in his own expressions. Contrast is of forms, changing the perceptive of language of painting of artists, forms with different narrations and creating correspondence with emotions and its environment. "Contraste" - Group exhibition of paintings