Organizational Chart

Administrative Team in Bhopal

Director: Mr Thomas SIMOES

Deputy Director: Mrs Reeta GOHADE

Pedagogical Coordinator : Mr Hansu nahar

Pedagogical Assistant : Mrs Lucie GAUTHIER

Course Councelor : Mr Aditya SOMANI

Security and house keeping : Mr Ajay KUSHWAHA

Cultural/Communication Assistant :


Campus France office, Bhopal

Campus France manager: Mrs Divya Saxena


Administrative Team in Indore

Course Counselor : Mrs Ayesha KHAN

Pedagogical Coordinator : Mr Hansu NAHAR

Security & House keeping: Mr Rajesh PATEL


Board of members of Alliance Française (2021-23)

President:  Dr Bertha Rathinam

Vice-President: Mr Akhilesh Varma

Treasurer and secretary: Ms Garima Goël

Member:  Mrs Padmaja Srivastava

Member: Mrs Ravisha Merchant

Member: Mr Anoop Joshi

Member: Mr Pradeep Chorghade

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