TCF/TCFQ – Next session on 21 August & 14 September 2019


What is TCF/TCFQ?

TCF Certificate

The TCF is a French test awarded by the CIEP, official department of the French Ministry of Education for administering tests determining knowledge of French.

The TCF has three compulsory tests and two optional ones.

• Written comprehension
• Reading comprehension,
• Use of language structure

Optional tests: spoken expression , written expression.

TCFQ Certificate

TCFQ has been specially designed to be consistent with the standards of the Ministry of Immigration (MICC) of Quebec, and is only intended for people wishing to settle in Quebec.

1 compulsory test assessing:

• Listening comprehension
• Spoken expression

IMPORTANT !  The TCFQ test has been modified w.e.f. September 2014. For more info, download the Manuel du candidat (in French).

The speaking part will now last 12 minutes and be composed of 3 tasks only : 

Task 1: 2 minutes.

Individual interview: The examiner asks questions in relation to the candidate’s identity, hobbies, family, etc.

Task 2: 3 minutes 30 seconds + 2 minutes of preparation.

Interaction: The candidate shows his/her capacity to interact and gain information in an everyday life situation. For example : Ask someone to take care of your cat during your holidays. The candidate is allowed to take brief notes during the preparation time.

Task 3: 4 minutes 30 seconds.

Expression of a point of view: The candidate expresses his/her opinion about a topic selected by the examiner. For example : If you were involved in a charity action, which one would you like ? Explain why.

The TCF/TCFQ are valid for 2 years from the date of taking the test.

To know the fees and download the registration form, click below :

TCFQ Registration form

Guidelines for photo

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Next session to be held in 21 August & 14 September 2019.