Emmanuel Lebrun-damiens the Counselor for Education, Science and Culture and Ségolène Bulot our new Cultural and Communication Coordinator volunteer

A month ago Ms. Segolene BULOT came to join our team at the Alliance Française de Bhopal.

We have ask her to present herself 

“Hello! I am Segolene and I am very pleased to be part of the team of the Alliance Française de Bhopal. I am a 25 years old woman born and grown up in Normandy -up north west coast of France. Despite the rainy weather that could be somehow seen as a very long period of monsoon without the heat, it is a region with lush landscapes and the seaside.  

After a year in Cyprus, I have been studying and living for five years in Germany. The Master degree Cultural Studies gave me the desire for a first long experience outside of Europe. Friends of mine and I have created a music festival called Dox’art, through this I have seen how much I love what relates to music and on a broader scale to culture. This year is therefore the best way for me to combine my love for discovering new places as well as exchanging culture and therefore creating new ones. 

In this period, we have all been suffering from the lack of social contacts and cultural events. But culture is still there as it is actually everywhere. I really want to give people joy and hope throughout the year. We are having a very exciting upcoming programm with talentuous Indian and French artists and I can’t wait to let you discover their work. See you very soon at Alliance!”