City: Bhopal
Location: Alliance française Gallery
Date: Sat, 2011/01/15 – 6:00pm – Sat, 2011/01/22 – 6:00pm
Price: Free and open to all
Category: Exhibition
Duration: On view until 22nd January 2011

An Exhibition of Photographs by Ashish Dubey


Presence of an absence.
Abstract photographs of natural vistas.

Why stillness?
Because it is of least consequence in our modern world. But…Stillness is conciousness. In stillness does he speak to you. The moment of tension between the two notes of a musician. Transporting one into a space so sacred. Still is the creative opportunity. Where the door opens.
For ,visual medium –  is a chance to hear from your eyes.
Rumi says:“Scholarly knowledge is a vertigo,exhausted famousness.Listening is better”.
Only in the still mind is the reflection of the infinite clear. Hold it there as an opportunity to achieve singularity. Remember just as the planets are shepherded by the stars and stars by their galaxies and finally galaxies are shepherded by the black holes. Only then will you experience the dance.
In another couplet Rumi says :“You dance inside my chest,where no one sees you but, sometimes I do,and that sight becomes this art”.
Nature is the garment of the infinite. In the flitting of a butterfly writing poetry on the winds. Calligraphy in the flying of birds. And then stillness again.

Photographs of reflections on still water canvas. Existing for the briefest of moment till the light snuffs life out of them. Living just for that finite time.
And then stillness again.
Is it a conversation?

Ashish Dubey is a physicist with a keen interest in photography and metaphysics. He currently teaches Physics at the University level at P .M. B Gujrati Science College , Devi Ahilya Vishwavidhyalaya (University),Indore MP.

His work has been recently published in National Geographic magazine and has become instrumental in raising the issue of conservation of wetlands in India.

Dubey was the first Indian to be selected for the ‘Your Shot’ column of National Geographic Magazine. It’s an online submission, with the first 5000 photos qualifying every month for consideration for publication; 12 photos every day are posted on the NGM website five days a week so in all 240 are posted in one month. Out of these only one by the editor’s choice and one by voting is printed in every month’s issue. Dubey’s photo was chosen as the ‘Editor’s Choice’.

The piece selected by NGM was also selected from over 100,000 submissions for inclusion in their book ‘101 Best’.