Manjusha Ganguly
City: Bhopal
Location: Alliance Française
Date: Sat, 2012/01/14 – 6:00pm – Sat, 2012/01/21 – 6:00pm
Price: Free and open to all
Category: Exhibition
Duration: On view until 21st January 2012

An Exhibition of Collages and Paintings by Manjusha Ganguly

This exhibit of collages represents the expression of intimacy and sensitivity in nature that captivated me while wandering in the magical mountains of Nagaland recently.
In my work, the discerning eye will relate the evident transparency among the pictured mountains, as their sensitivity and intimacy towards each other. This embodies my discovery of the mountains as soft, thoughtful beings, in contrast to their usual perception as pensive and formidable giants. The mystique and beauty of the Nagaland inspired the idea of Silky Mountains.
The exhibit also contains a set of canvases that represent the panoramic landscapes of the same mountains, rendered in their shimmering bluish hue as viewed from my window at night.

Manjusha Ganguly