Oublier Cheyenne
City: Indore
Location: Alliance Française
Date: Sat, 2012/03/17 – 4:00pm
Price: Free and open to all
Category: Film screening

by Valérie Minetto (2006) with Mila Dekker, Aurélia Petit, Malik Zidi, Laurence Côte, Guilaine Londez. (France, 86 mins.)

Cheyenne, a young unemployed journalist whose welfare payments are about to be cut off, decides to leave Paris to leave a marginal life in the country. She leaves behind Sonia, the woman she loves. Sonia is a physics and chemistry teacher at a Parisian high school. She tries her best to forget Cheyenne, but it’s not easy. How do we reconcile what we want with what we’re actually able to do, what we think and how we act? How to cope with a person we love and yet have to refuse? Oublier Cheyenne is contemporary fable about the precarious states created by modern society, the need for change, and the power of love.

In French with English subtitles.