City: Bhopal
Location: Bharat Bhavan– Antarang Hall
Date: Fri, 2010/11/26 – 7:00pm
Price: Free and open to all

Music Concert by Yapa – Jazz / Progressive / Experimental_

  • Fabrice BOURGUIGNAT (Guitar)
  • Simon CHENET (Guitar)
  • Christophe COMBET (Guitar)
  • Xavier HAMON (Percusion)


Yapa is a genuinely independent band, a group of four friends (three guitarists and a percussionist) who have been going to the same gigs and the same bars since they were at school together (in the Paris suburbs).

At a time when hits and ringtones sound as if they’ve rolled off some production line, YAPA tries to preserve a hands-on approach to making music. In the last eight years, the band have brought out two self-produced instrumental albums (3,000 copies of each), reinvesting the fees from gigs to make first ‘Chroniques d’Endoo’ and then ‘Can I Talk To You?’, a live recording of a tour in the east through the Balkans. They regularly set the stage of some of the best clubs in Paris (L’Entrepôt, Le Sunset, L’Etage, La Java, Le Baiser Salé) and have gained an underground reputation as well as a small band of loyal fans.

Yapa has always written songs that take the listener off on a journey. Their lastest album “PariWaga” was recorded in Paris, France, and Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, and these musical postcards from Burkina Faso tell the story of their greatest adventure to date.