The Killeer of Montmartre
City: Indore
Location: Alliance Française
Date: Sat, 2011/04/23 – 6:00pm
Price: Free and open to all
Category: Film screening

Le Tueur de Montmartre / The Killer of Montmartre

An animated film by Borislav Sajtinac (2007) (France, 50 mins.)

François, a failed painter dedicated his time between to a ferocious hatred for his tyrannical mother, the search for inspiration and a pointless job. His only companion is a large knifer. His mother will be its first victim, the first murder in his career as a serial killer. While out walking, he has a strange encounter with Death. In several face-to-face exchanges with this unlikely correspondent, he discovers a unique character. But following a game, Death suffers a fatal fall. François returns to his life but are things back to normal? This animation movie has won many awards in Festivals throughout Europe.