Invited artist – Lili TOTAS [France – Brazil – Honduras] Come and see the artist performing on the 22/23/24 of April @ Alliance Francaise Bhopal – FREE ENTRY / NO RESERVATION [ From 10.00 AM > 06.00 PM]

Street art and urban Culture generate enthusiasm both in India and in France. India has a long history and tradition of wall art in numerous regions of India, exposing to the World the infinite richness of its cultures. France has a very strong and historical urban art scene (graffiti, hip-hop dance, rap…) and is a proactive country in redesigning permanently the face/shape of its cities. Both countries have many internationally recognized artists in these Wall art and Urban culture scenes. The street art movement is also at the core of the reflection which redefines equality and expression of all, in the public space of our modern societies.

Through many events (murals, encounters, contests…) our Wall Art Festival, crossing many parts of the country (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Bhopal…) aims to put the light that in 2022 equality is not a choice but a necessity.

Lili was born in Brazil and raised in Honduras. She has been living in Lyon since 2003. Uprooting is the source of her creativity, which she has chosen to express through street art techniques using bright colors, and round and soft shapes: so many nostalgic representations for a political and social claim. It is also the femininity of a committed citizen that she evokes. The eye, the feet, the clouds, the Klein blue sky, the boats, the daisies are recurring and constitutive elements of a complex pictorial staging. This disproportionate mouth, carmine red, present in all her creations is her voice, the one she would dream of lending to all those who dare not express themselves. Each creation is a universe. You have to read it in all its depth, go beyond its apparent innocence.

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Along with the execution of a mural in the premises at Alliance Francaise Bhopal. The artist, LILI TOTAS, will be also inaugurating a collective Street Art Exhibition on the Friday 22th April – 6.30 PM @ Alliance Francaise de Bhopal [visible until the 08/05/2022]


More information about Wall Art Festival : CLICK HERE