19th January to 2nd February 2024

Opening Ceremony: 19th January 2024, 6.30 PM

LOCATION: B-75 Shahpura, Bhopal

FREE ENTRANCE | Open to all

Introspection presents the work of three young artists from Madhya Pradesh who question the creative process and the functioning of memory. From their own experience, Unnati Shukla, Adarsh Palandi, and Aabhas Mahindre analyze how conscious and unconscious minds participate in the inner development and the understanding of the surrounding world.


Aabhas Mahindre

Since graduating with a master’s degree in fine arts, Aabhas Mahindre is an artist and a guest professor at the Government Institute of Fine Arts in Indore. Aabhas Mahindre participated in the Student Biennale at the Kochi-Muziris Biennale from 2014 to 2015, and has received The Madhya Pradesh Rajya Rupankar Kala Award and Exhibition in 2020. “From my organised chaos” is the title of his ongoing project that has already been presented as part of a solo exhibition in 2022 at Centre d’Art, Citadine, Auroville.

Adarsh Palandi

After completing a master’s degree in Visual Arts Printmaking from the Sir School of Art, Mumbai in 2020, Adarsh Palandi participated in numerous workshops and national and international residencies which enabled him to exhibit in many cities. Adarsh Palandi was the recipient of the award by Abir India Foundation First Take 2022 in New Delhi, the first National Ambedkar Foundation 2022 Award, and Madhya Pradesh State Roopankar Lalitkala Vishnu Chinchalkar Award 2021.

Unnati Shukla

Through her work, Unnati Shukla seeks to explore human interactions, the dynamics of power and vulnerability, and the subtle nuances that make each relationship unique. Introspection and emotion play a key role in his creative process. The self-taught artist also explores how repetition can embed memories and create patterns that shape our understanding of the world, inviting viewers to consider their memories and how repetition has shaped their experiences.