EXBHITION – QUALITY STREET [ART] [22/04 > 08/01/2022]

The first international Street Art Exhibition in Bhopal !


Credits : SHAB

Alongside with the execution of a mural in the premises at Alliance Francaise Bhopal. The artist, LILI TOTAS, will be also inaugurating a collective Street Art Exhibition on the Friday 22th April – 6.30 PM @ Alliance Francaise de Bhopal [visible until the 08/05/2022]





Laho is a designer who expresses herself through multiple practices by using various media: editions of multiples, murals, exhibitions, tattoos.

Through her works, she creates imaginary places nourished by her inner states and her dreams: the mythologies she invents serve her to create.

Laho creates a vocabulary of invented symbols, which are inspired by mysticism and sacred images. By reappropriating this imagery to create her own visual language, she invents stories with symbols that are already loaded with meaning.

She also draws on elements of popular culture to compose and make her own stories, readable or not for the viewer.

It is also, in terms of visual culture, one of the reasons for her attachment to the use of psychedelic colors.

It is by having recourse to this imagination which has sought to highlight conscious and unconscious psychic phenomena through the use of color in particular, that she tries to touch on these aspects of our lives, our affects, of our existence.

In her practice, she strives to represent the body in an androgynous way and by hybridizing humanoid subjects, with the desire to create inclusive representations so that everyone can invent themselves as they, she and he want to and go towards his own imaginary identity, multiple and indefinable gender identities.

Laho offers us an intimate experience where we are invited to enter the image, to appropriate it and find our own meaning.

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Official :      https://www.laho.eu/ 

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Instagram : www.instagram.com/_laho/

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Lili was born in Brazil and raised in Honduras. She has been living in Lyon since 2003. Uprooting is the source of her creativity, which she has chosen to express through street art techniques using bright colors, round and soft shapes: so many nostalgic representations for a political and social claim. It is also the femininity of a committed citizen that she evokes. The eye, the feet, the clouds, the Klein blue sky, the boats, the daisies are recurring and constitutive elements of a complex pictorial staging. This disproportionate mouth, carmine red, present in all her creations is her voice, the one she would dream of lending to all those who dare not express themselves. Each creation is a universe. You have to read it in all its depth, go beyond its apparent innocence

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Official :      https://les-convives.com/ 

Instagram : www.instagram.com/lilitotas/

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Summer 1979, Lionel used his first paycheck in a Nikon FM SLR. Photography then became one of the pillars of his life.

From photographic films to encounters, his passion led him to exhibit in Le Havre in 1981, then to release, two years later, a collective book simply entitled “Paid Leave”. Member of several associations including “Photography and Caux” founded by Jean-Claude Belegou, with among others Jean Gaumy (Magnum) and Antoine Poupel (Prix de Rome), he continues to participate in various exhibitions and editions of photo books.

Continuing his way, Lionel settled in Lyon, France, in 2016 and started to work as a freelance photographer. His photos seduce the Taverne Gutenberg collective, of which he immediately becomes the official photographer. Until now, Lionel has covered over  50 events with them including the ambitious “Ugnayan sa Poblacion” project, which takes him to Manila, Philippines. At ease on all terrains, he loves going from the studio to construction sites, from a management seminar to an exhibition opening. In 2018, he built and offered, to the famous Nikon School, a Street Photo course in Lyon, of which he has been the animator since its creation. In addition to reports and commissions, in less than 3 years he has become the official photographer for many cultural institutions, such as Superposition, CCO Villeurbanne or Maison Gutenberg.

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Graduated from ENSAD National School of Decorative Arts in Paris, and ES Boulle.

From the very small paper format to the giant fresco, her work has been nomadic for a long time, the spontaneous result of a hybridization shaped during long artistic residencies in different places of South America. A surreal universe of characters with playful attitudes, moving or frozen, alone or accumulated, in action or meditating, a thousand interfaces of ourselves. Her paintings, in voluntary resonance with the work of Jérôme Bosch, whom she admires, tell stories like poetic and satirical tales, where the protagonist echoes the world, sometimes bathes in a sea of ​​objects, meditates in the silence of the leaves, hangs in the air to learn to fly, pedals in balance, finds himself/herself surrounded by cardboard decorations. All of this in sometimes humorous and sometimes serious tones. The disciplines (fresco, screen printing, painting on canvas) and techniques (acrylic, aerosol, pencil and pen, screen printing) mix and complement each other, to punctuate this style with its marked base with different aesthetics.


Facebook : www.facebook.com/loraine.motti 

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Passionate about hip hop culture, Shab began by practicing parkour then moved on to bboying and finally found a considerable enthusiasm for the graffiti and street art movement. A native of Haute Savoie (France), it was when he arrived in Lyon, for his studies, that he began to paint his feelings on the walls of the city, and on his canvases.

Through his works and drawing inspiration from certain disciplines that he practices, Shab immerses us in a complex and deep universe with a moving aspect, in which we can find a real communion between his disproportionate characters and imaginary life situations who accompany them.

This unity in his work is characterized by the diversity of his techniques (aerosol, acrylic, sculpture…) as well by a colorful universe that continues to follow his characters since his beginnings, through environmental, societal, psychological and spiritual issues, which affect him in his daily life. He sometimes uses sign language to convey messages with his hands.

Each painting tells a personal story, a desire to offer an authentic and poetic language, that wants to be universal.

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Official :      www.shab-c.fr 

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Abrahan Portocarrero aka Yandy Graffer is born in 1992 in Lima, Peru. 

As multidisciplinary artist, he started in the Graffiti in 2006, with aerosol, before creating murals. Motivated at first by the Hip Hop movement who was really important in Peru at this time, his main inspirations are his roots, his country and first of all his family. This is why his main character is a fisherman, who refer to his grandfather’s work. He was someone very important in his childhood. You can also find a lot of fishes in his works because in Peru, sea and water are considered as origins of life.

Yandy Graffer’s style is mostly expressive and colorful between dreams, memories and reality. His work is marked by the supremacy of line and contours, which create more details. His work starts to idealize the formation of the universe before the genesis by proposing a reflection on the origins of life before the Creation and the celebration from cycle of Life.

Today, Yandy keeps exploring the depths of his memory, to return on the way, to the source of his imagination! For this purpose, he started to use his favorites anime television series in his artworks because they are an inherent part of his childhood. He likes to mix them with his initial’s characters to create a new universe where dreams meet reality.

Yandy wants to allow everyone discovering his work to dive into this atypical universe. His main challenge is to stimulate the imagination of everyone without needing to use the figurative aspect of his forms.

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Facebook : www.facebook.com/yandy.graffer 

Instagram : www.instagram.com/yandygraffer

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