For the last 40 years, Alliance Francaise Bhopal has been playing a major role in the artistic development in the city of Bhopal : music, dance, literature, cinema… 

But one of the most important impacts of Alliance Francaise Bhopal’s presence in the City of Lakes was undoubtedly its active role to promote local and regional artists, over the last four decades, thanks to a private art gallery which hosted hundreds of artists from Bhopal and the entire state of Madhya Pradesh. 

Strongly linked with the artistic community of Bhopal, the gallery of Alliance Francaise became one of the most prominent independent galleries of the region, thanks to the help of the curators, members of the committee of Alliance Francaise Bhopal. 

In order to celebrate our 40th anniversary, we wanted to thank all the artists and visitors who, over the  years, made this gallery alive and actively participated in the cultural development of the city. Alliance Francaise Bhopal’s gallery is now known as a place where you wish to exhibit your work, as a stepping-stone for an artistic career’s development. 

The exhibition “ Art Alliance ” is reviewing 40 years of involvement and friendship between the Indian and the French artistic community, thanks to the 20 select artists, who have already exhibited their works at this prestigious gallery. 

We would like to thank all the people who have contributed, over the last decades, to make this link always more strong and powerful. Let’s bet and hope that it will continue to grow (at least) for the next 40 years !  


Invited Artists / Artistes Invités

Anil Ijeri                        Kamta Tahed

Anup Shrivastava        Kishore Dangle

Aparna Anil                 Mayank Shyam

Ashvini Vidhate          Monika Sheth

Avadhesh Yadav         Nagesh Sharma

Basant Bhargava        Pratik Koundinye

Divya Patwa                Prriti Mann

Durgesh Birthare       Uday Goswami

Ekta Sharma               Veena Jain

Himanshu Joshi        Rahim Mirza