Kwak 22
City: Bhopal
Location: Bahirang, Bharat Bhavan
Date: Fri, 2011/12/09 – 7:00pm
Price: Free and open to all
Category: Concert

Post-Blues Electric French Combo

Kwak is a rock band from Paris, France, which was formed in 2002. With three albums and more than 500 concerts, they have burst stages in France, Belgium, Switzerland, India and Nepal. Their music is a very own mix between the energy of rock and the French folk tradition of “chanson”.

Come and discover a music full of energy, with beautiful musical arrangements and French poetic lyrics! You’ll be surprised for sure…

The band members are:
Damien Tartamella (vocals, harmonica, musical saw)
Julien Joubert (guitars, vocals, clarinet)
Gilles Sonnois (bass, vocals)
Xavier Hamon (drums, percussions)

As Damien says: “Our music is anchored in the tradition of French chanson, which means people pay a lot of attention to our lyrics. Experiencing such a warm welcome from non-French speaking audiences was a true surprise for us. We played in front of people hearing something that was completely new to them, who only reacted to the energy and heart of our music. The exchange was all the more thrilling. I believe it changed the vision we have on our music, in a soulful way.”