City: Bhopal
Location: AF Gallery
Date: Sat, 2013/01/12 -6:00pm – 9:00pm
Price: Free
Category: Exhibition
Duration: Two Hours

The Alliance Française de Bhopal invites you to the Exhibition BHAV by Kishore Dangle on Sat. January 12th 2013, at Alliance Française Gallery at 6pm.

Kishore is painting since last twenty years. He is neither blinded by naturalistic realism which more or less is the continuation of occupied Indian colony where slaves have to copy the style of his master in order to keep him happy. Raja Ravi Varma, in this sense is the father figure of Indian art and Kishore doesn’t paint realistic work too then what is it which keeps Kishore going in the same direction with more and more enthusiasm?

Kishore paints what he believes in. He enjoys his freedom, his post-independence position as a free man. You can see that he is flowing with colours and he try not to communicate through his paintings. His paintings are not meant for communication but to be felt with care. He is just there as a free will of a free man. He evokes his own feelings and thus the Bhav is embedded in the flow of colours.

His paintings are the examles of a deep belief in the act of painting. He paints to live in his time without getting involved into the series of surprising shameless scams.

He paints and enjoys his Freedom.