Bienvenue, Angèle!


When learning a new language, having a native speaker around is always a good idea. With that in mind, the Alliances françaises always make an effort to acquaint its learners with Francophones.

Recently, Alliance française de Bhopal welcomed its new French teacher, Ms. Angèle Etienne at its center who will be taking classes in the institute as well as schools for the next six months.

Let’s know her better!

Please tell us something about yourself.

Hi, my name is Angèle. I come from a little city next to Paris named Provins. I studied French literature, English literature, philosophy, history and geography during the past three years in Paris in a « Classe préparatoire aux grandes écoles ». During the last year, I also gave private French classes. After having finished my third graduation in literature, I intended to do a gap-year in a foreign country.

How did you choose India, especially Bhopal?

I was both intrigued and fascinated by the Indian culture which is so colorful and so different from my own culture. I really wanted to discover this country and to me, Bhopal was one of the best cities to experience the Indian culture because of its size and geographical situation.

What are your expectations from this city and your stay here?

I expect to challenge myself in a country I didn’t know at all and obviously I also expect to meet people, to discover the Indian way of life and a new culture. I feel like I can’t wait to taste the typical Indian meals, to experience every Indian dance, to listen to Indian music, to walk every road of this city, to see and wear colorful saris!

What are your projects for the Alliance française de Bhopal?

I plan to be a great French teacher 😉 and to share my language as part of my culture and to give people the desire to discover and learn more about France especially its language and culture.

What do you like the most about India ? Have you already explored Bhopal ?

India is amazing and sensational. I think it embodies the term « colorful ». Here in Bhopal every color seems to be brighter than everywhere else. For me there is a special atmosphere and poetry proper to the city, a charm like a kind of magic. It reminds me of a French poem from the French poet Baudelaire in which one can read

« Like prolonged echoes mingling in the distance

In a deep and tenebrous unity,

Vast as the dark of night and as the light of day,

Perfumes, sounds, and colors correspond. »


We hope Angèle has a fruitful stay in Bhopal and her visit here helps people in getting to know France better.