Bienvenue, Hellal!

When learning a new language, having a native speaker around is always a good idea. With that in mind, the Alliances françaises always make an effort to acquaint its learners with Francophones.

Recently, Alliance française de Bhopal welcomed its new Junior teacher, Mr. Hellal Abdellaoui at the Institute.

Let’s know him better!

Please tell us something about yourself.

Hello ! My name is Hellal and I’m glad to introduce myself as a new member of the Alliance Française de Bhopal. I’m 22 and I have come from Reims in France (the city of champagne and coronation).

I have decided to take a break from my studies and my french routine to work abroad. I really wanted to discover what I could offer and what I could learn from an unfamiliar environment. That’s partly because of this I have chosen Bhopal. This place for me is more representative of the Indian culture than some big cities.

In Reims, I was working in a media library where I loved to be in the middle of the cultural exchanges, so the Alliance Française structure was a logical choice for me.

I’m really impatient to contribute to the development of Alliance and to gain some new experiences of Indian life and its culture.

You can join me at 7470991374
See you soon !!

We hope Hellal has a fruitful stay in Bhopal and his visit here helps people in getting to know France better.