Bienvenue, Alexandre!

When learning a new language, having a native speaker around is always a good idea. With that in mind, the Alliances françaises always make an effort to acquaint its learners with Francophones.

Recently, Alliance française de Bhopal welcomed its new French teacher, Mr. Alexandre Benserade at its center who will be taking classes in the institute.

Let’s know him better!

Please tell us something about yourself.
My name is Alexandre but everyone calls me Alex! I’ve just turned 22 and I come from Marseille in the South East of France. I’m a college student just about to enter in my first year of Master in Aix and I’ve been an intern, here, since June the 14 th . My internship will last until the end of August.

How did you choose India, especially Bhopal?
Why India? Well, firstly, I’m part Indian from my father side. He was raised in Pondicherry until he was 17, he, then, joined the French army. So, I’ve grown up hearing stories about India. In college, I’ve chosen to study English mostly but also the Indian culture and a bit of Hindi because I like the fact that it is completely different and I’m so curious about it. Secondly, why Bhopal? I wanted to do my internship in India. Unfortunately, I’m not a huge
fan of BIG cities such like Delhi or Mumbai. Bhopal seemed to be the perfect fit for me. People told me about how green the city is. How the lakes are at the very center of the city. Such information made me want to discover the city and its inhabitants.

What are your expectations from this city and your stay here?
I expected nothing from the city. I feel like that if you expect precise things you will always be disappointed at some point. I wanted to feel the difference between where I come from and here and then to discover everything without preconceive ideas, ideas that are easily created when you come from a western country with a lot of clichés about others. I like to live day today and experience without too much thinking before. I just want to go back to France with a feeling of satisfaction that I’ve met incredible people and experience the true life of someone living in Bhopal and living in India. I look forward to creating much more memories of my stay.

What are your projects for the Alliance française de Bhopal?

I want to do a little bit of everything but not in a huge machine called an enterprise but more importantly I want to feel useful. I think that it’s what I’ve found here, a true feeling of a small community in Alliance Française de Bhopal that is really concerned about helping
others. I really feel that people really rely on me and that my work is useful. I wish to give people a good opinion of France and of the French language. I wish that my stay here would bring a good image of France but also a real image. Finally, I wish to participate to the creation of bridges between the two countries.

What do you like the most about India? Have you already explored Bhopal?
Indians, of course! The people are so nice, so different and so welcoming. In Alliance française, people are so motivated and eager to learn French and the culture, it is so pleasant to see and to be able to help them daily. I really am a foodie so being able to taste new
foods, new flavors everyday is a pure joy for me. Finally, being able to learn new stuff about the culture makes me want to learn more every day!

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to see as much as I wanted to see. But I have seen enough to be able to say that is one beautiful city with its own soul and mind, like a true living creature. Hopefully, I’m here for at least one month and a half so I will be able to see more!

We hope Alexandre has a fruitful stay in Bhopal and his visit here helps people in getting to know France better.