Diplomas and Certificates

The Alliance Francaise de Bhopal is accredited to conduct diplomas issued by the French Ministry of Education and has been approved as an examination centre by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIP) and Centre international d’études pédégogiques (CIEP):


All these diplomas are internationally recognized and can help you validate admission to a French univerisity, facilitate emigration to Canada or even boost your carrer!

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What is DELF/DALF?


DELF and DALF are official qualifications awarded by the French Ministry of Education to certify the competency of candidates from outside France in the French language.

DELF and DALF are composed of 6 independent diplomas that correspond to the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

DELF is aimed at candidates with beginner to advanced levels of French whereas DALF is aimed at expert language users.


Delf Prim (for pupils)

The DELF Prim is made up of written and oral subjects tailored to children’s areas of interest (beginners, up to age 11).


DELF Junior (for teenagers)

The DELF Junior is made up of written and oral subjects, designed for secondary school students (between ages 11 and 17) who want to have their skills in French assessed and recognized by an internationally-recognized diploma.



What is TCF/TCFQ?

TCF Certificate

The TCF is a French test awarded by the CIEP, official department of the French Ministry of Education for administring tests determining knowledge of French.

The TCF has three compulsory tests and two optional ones.

• Written comprehension
• Reading comprehension,

• Use of language structure

Optional tests: spoken expression , written expression.



TCFQ Certificate

TCFQ has been specially designed to be consistent with the standards of the Ministry of Immigration (MICC) of Quebec, and is only intended for people wishing to settle in Quebec.

1 compulsory test assessing:
• Listening comprehension

• Spoken expression

The TCF/TCFQ are valid for 2 years from the date of taking the test.


What is TEF/TEFAQ?


TEF Certificate

The TEF is a reliable instrument for measuring your skills in French and is recognized by the Canadian Government for immigration purposes.

The TEF is a widely-recognized test offered The test consists of 3 compulsory components:

  • Written comprehension
  • Listening comprehension

Structures and vocabulary.

Optional tests: oral expression , written expression.


TEFAQ Certificate

The objective of the TEFAQ is to assess oral comprehension and oral expression in French.

The TEFAQ is useful for those wishing to immigrate to Quebec.

1 compulsory test assessing:

  • Listening comprehension
  • Oral expression

    The TEF/TEFAQ are valid for 1 year from the date of taking the test.