Bienvenue, Camille!


Our new intern is here and we are excited!

Check out his interview below!

Please tell us about yourself.

I come from Chambery in Savoie but I currently live in the south of France in Marseille. I have just finished my graduation in applied foreign language studies with English and Hindi as specialisation at the University of Aix-Marseille.

Was it challenging for you to learn Hindi ? What made you make that choice ?

After my baccalaureat, I wanted to travel to discover other cultures and so I left with two of my friends for a journey of six months to southern India. I was quickly charmed by the culture of this country which is very different from my own. Following that, I visited multiple regions of India and discovered its rich historical, cultural and culinary heritage. The choice of learning Hindi was made out of passion but also as a necessity to communicate with people during my travel.

What do you like most about India ?

I appreciate the Indian cuisine a lot, I’m always in search of new flavours and local delicacies to relish. For example, here in Bhopal I discovered the Kachori which people eat for breakfast. I also heard about the Kebabs…I can’t wait to savour !

Why did you choose to come to Bhopal and what do you plan to do here ?

To complete my Bachelor’s, I need to undergo a training of two months. Having studied Hindi, I wanted to do my training in an Indian region where we speak this language. I, therefore, sent my resume to the Alliance françaises in the North and central India and the Alliance française of Bhopal was the first one to respond to my application and offer me an internship. During this period, I will take two classes for beginners, conduct conversation classes and also do translations.

How do you find Alliance française de Bhopal ?

I was amazed by the dynamism of this Alliance française and its team. For a small city like Bhopal, there is a lot of enthusiam among students for learning French and discovering the culture. I was warmly welcomed by the team and I am really happy to be able to work in this ambience.

What do you plan to do after this internship ?

Following this, I wish to do pursue my studies of FLE and also DAEFLE offered by Alliance française. My goal is to teach immigrants in France.


We sincerely wish Camille a fruitful stay in Bhopal!